SUZUKI JUNZO | La Course du lievre a travers les champs : スズキジュンゾ | 狼は天使の匂い

by SUZUKI JUNZO スズキジュンゾ



Suzuki's 10th Solo Album from his own Plunk's Plan Recordings!! in this album, he got back his roots and led this recordings to his most Psychedelic/Acid Rock Approach. recommended for fans for classic psychedelia in sixties/seventies and some krautrock classic. 3 songs included and Every song joined by Ikuro takahashi (Fushitsusha/LSD March/Kousokuya etc) on drums and Lonesome Death Dick on Bass like classic rock trio. recorded by Richard Horner at Black Snow Flake Sound in Sapporo.

スズキ2016年3枚目、通算10作目となるソロ作”狼は天使の匂い”は、先祖返りでも起こしたようなストレイトな歌ものサイケデリック!ドラムスに高橋幾郎、ベースにロンサムデスディックを迎えたアシッドロック色が濃厚な長尺3曲。ファズとエコーに塗れた轟音の向こうに立ち上るものは。録音ミックスは、もちろん、札幌Black Snow Flake SoundのRichard Horner。


released November 22, 2016

SUZUKI JUNZO: Electric Guitars, Vocals

Lonesome Death Dick: Electric Bass
Takahashi Ikuro: Drums

Recorded at BLACK SNOW FLAKE SOUND in Sapporo/HOKKAIDO from March to November 2016
Engineered and Mixed by Richard Horner

Photo: Suzuki Junzo (Front), Yobkiss (Inner), Shingo Osanai (Back)

Like to Thanks : Machida Ryosuke, Kobayashi Kazuya, Takeyari Shunta, Miho, Miki, Lilith and Rie
All Songs Written and Produced by Suzuki Junzo



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