ASTRO + SUZUKI JUNZO / Cosmic Blues Experience

by Suzuki Junzo ASTRO



Legendary C.C.C.C.'s leader Hiroshi Hasegawa aka ASTRO & Tokyo Underground Scene's Trouble maker Suzuki Junzo are get together as Duo. They played 2 years long with EAMS Synthi & Electric guitar, Sometime They Play Incredibly loud with Trembling Tape Echo Sound, Sometime meditational atomosphere. Two Cores of Astral traveling unity.
Beautiful deep-space hymns to free-falling oblivion from Hiroshi Hasegawa (CCCC et al) on synthesizer and tambura machine and electric guitarist Suzuki Junko. Junko's guitar adds some particularly elegiac acid moves to this gorgeous set, with huge blooms of reverb, the sound of pulsing analog starfields reduced to tiny smudges of light, stinging acid guitar and gorgeous harmonic arcs of drone aligning it with earlier investigations of endless psychedelic madrigal like Nijiumu's Era Of Sad Wings and Makoto Kawabata's Inui project. Also features Iwao Yamazaki on percussion. The second track title, "Galactic Joy", just about sums it up with a blast of overdriven Haino-esque guitar ridden to oblivion. Comes packaged in a slim-line DVD-style case with colour artwork. The best Astro set to date and highly recommended.
(Volcanic Toungue Scotland UK)


released October 18, 2006

Hiroshi Hasegawa:Synthesizer,Tambura Machine
Suzuki Junzo:Electric Guitar

Iwao Yamazaki:Drums (track2)

All Tracks
Composed by Hiroshi Hasegawa/Suzuki Junzo
Recorded and Mixed at Atelier Himawari during september 2006
Produced By Iwao Yamazaki
Art Directed By Yamato Sekiguchi(OHPIA/Cosmic Dew/Astral Traveling Unity)
Cover Art-Blue Orb Hallucination

Cover Photograph:
ASTRO+Suzuki Junzo with OHPIA feat Reiko.A @ UFO CLUB JPN Aug 27 2006 shoot by Takeshi Minemoto

Release Date:October 18 2006



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